About Us

The Park House is run by the Braithwaite-Exley family.  
Madeleine is a keen artist and after many years of moving house she is at last able to keep her paint pot in the same place!  
Our family interests are in all things countryside, sport generally and our garden is ‘a work in progress’!

My husband Marcus and I much enjoy welcoming visitors from all over the world.

Please do ask us if we can help you plan your trip.

Things we hope you may enjoy…

Our garden.  Daffodils in Spring.  Deck chairs in summer.  Tea anyone?
A room with a view.  
Tractors ploughing.
The smell of newly cut grass. Croquet?  
Homemade cake.
Someone’s gone fishing!
The hum of the combine.  
Freshly made raspberry jam. Colourful rooms.
Antiques shopping.
Someone’s back from golf, needs cake.  
Golden trees in Autumn.
Blazing sunsets.
Someone has seen an Osprey at Loch of The Lowes.
The famous Beech Hedge at Meikleour.  Day at the beach. Warm harvest